Simply put, we’re a little fanatical about great design.  From the simplest design revolving around a budget to the most elaborate of ideas featuring grandiose dreams, our team is skilled to listening and developing your hearts desire.


Our designers are not commission based.   Typically, a pool builder pays each designer 5% to 10% of the purchase price.  On an $50,000 project, that is $2,500 to $5,000 commissions.  We offer Honest up front pricing.   We create the ultimate environment of trust.


We require years of pool design and/or the architecture of water experience in becoming a PoolTru designer.  They understand how lifestyle, architecture, fountains, materials, water features, texture, color, rhythm and balance affect the perfect pool design.


We’re your personal “Wedding Planner” for your backyard.   Were not only here to make sure you’ve got the perfect design, were also here to save you as much money and time as possible.  Got a question and we’ll have an answer.


Benefits of Working with Us

  • More creativity in design – Were not hindered by “company policy” or other constraints. Understanding every idea, thought and dream you might have is part of our preparation. Combined with our knowledge, were sure to design the perfect project for you.  Indulge in a better design experience free from anxiety!
  • Better Educated– Were constantly immersing ourselves in the latest and greatest pool and landscape design elements, water hydraulics, construction techniques and material selections.
  • Time is money……You wont have to spend countless hours of time with 4 or 5 people at your home and their office. High pressure sales tactics, phone calls day and night, all of the pestering….they’re are all a thing of the past.
  • Sales Process – You can bi-pass the sales process altogether if you choose to build your project with a pool builder. You’ll save 12 – 20% right off the bat or……..
  • Engage PoolTru as a trusted partner for the ultimate in savings when you choose to build it yourself!

You’ll have all of the information you need to make the project a breeze from start to finish.