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Honest Pricing And Services

Professionally Designed City Approved Plans

This includes initial on-site measurements, interview and idea research session, 2 dimensional drawings, materials and color selection review.  It includes such hardscape items as BBQ’s, fire place, patio cover, Ramada and landscape areas. The plans will then be ready for permitting in your municipality if applicable.

3Dimensional Design

The 3 dimensional drawing will allow you to receive the most sophisticated view of your new pool project.  We include a video to review with friends and neighbors.

Design / Build Project Through PoolTru

We will design and build the project from start to finish.  For the most complex projects, we recommend our full time project manager camp out on your project to make sure the accuracy of every detail.  You’ll be in good hands with PoolTru.

Project Cost Analysis

Once the plan is thoroughly reviewed, we’ll put your project through our computer aided budget design planner.  It inputs exact sub-contractor labor costs from the very best craftsman in your market place and provides you both with a projected cost of the project.  Already have a plan, submit it to PoolTru to evaluate the actual construction costs.  You’ll be glad you did.

What’s the difference?

Have a look at this recent price comparison.

 Service Company “A” Company “B” PoolTru
 Base Price $24,487 $26,836 X
 Sales Commissions $3,427 $3,658 X
 PoolTru Design X X $695
 Cost Analysis X X $295
 3-D Design X X $295
 Construction Worksheets X X $395
 Subcontractor List X X $295
 Permits  $286  $286 $4,962
 Excavation  Included  Included $4,120
 Plumbing  Included  Included $295
 Equipment  Included  Included $4,367
 Steel  Included  Included $2,360
 Electrical  Included  Included $2,515
 Gunite / Shotcrete  Included  Included $6,306
 Coping / Stone  Included  Included $2,609
 Tile  Included  Included $1,671
 Concrete Deck  Included  Included $1,338
 Stone Deck over Concrete  Included  Included $6,410
 Clean Up  Included  Included $1,485
 Interior Finish  Included  Included $4,678
 Start Up  Included  Included $550
 Sub Total  $63,656  $66,476 $45,902
 Company Discounts  $4,530  $4,860 $0
 Grand Totals  $59,126  $61,616 $45,902

Equipment Concierge

We recommend the best, most efficient and well-constructed equipment in the marketplace. We secure it at tremendous savings off normal retail pricing.   Were not pigeon holed into one brand as is the case with many pool builders.  Pure and simple, we recommend only the best equipment for your project … period.

Construction Worksheets

If you are doing-it-yourself, these worksheets are invaluable to a great project.  These worksheets will insure quality, save time and insure your project goes off without a hitch with the best quality of construction.

Subcontractor List

Working with the most highly rated tradesmen in your area is a must.  We rate their quality of work, value and customer service.  You will rate them also after your project is complete.

Custom Designed Landscape Plans

Have our landscape architect review your front yard plans, your backyard plans or both.  We’ll provide a perspective that only comes from years of study.

Special Engineering

Some projects on designed on hills, beaches or close to building structures.  We’ll provide the team and expertise that makes it a breeze.

Outdoor Furniture Concierge

This is the icing on the cake!  Our Concierge looks at architectural style, weather, color and application.  Whether it be Wrought Iron, Aluminum, Wood, Wicker, Rattan, Fabric, Umbrellas, outdoor rugs, outdoor lighting and all kinds of accessories!  Seating, Dining, Shade, Outdoor Kitchens are a few of the areas you’ll need to consider! You are going to have lots of fun!  Make selections and we’ll have it shipped right to your door at significant savings!

* Complex grading and drainage plans, complete yard survey, specific hardscape design details and irrigation plan prices are available on request. Professionally designed plans include standard pool engineering only. Pool design plans valued over $100,000 are available on request. Project Mgmt by POOLTRU is recommended on projects above $100,000. Pricing includes local clients within 75 mile round trip of PoolTru specified locations.  For Design services, Add $1.75 per map quest mile to distances above specified locations.