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Let Us Show You How To Build Your Own Pool

As Homeowners, we all have dreams of providing a better life and creating memories for our families.  We enjoy fashioning that wonderful dinner party, celebrating your oldest graduation or just providing that place for peaceful solitude.  There are no better recollections than those created in your very own backyard pool and landscape.  That playful push in the pool, the cooling plunge after working over a hot barbecue or the welcome relaxation of soothing bubbles in a hot spa … they are all experiences that make up very special occasions.

Design / Build

At PoolTru, We’re a Design Build company!  When the project has many delicate details and needs professionals managing every detail, we build the entire project from start to finish.  We’re a “Boutique Pool Company” focused on personal service!  This is especially important for projects valued at over $100,000.

Owner / Builder Projects

At PoolTru, we understand that some projects need to be wrapped around the tightest budget and lowest cost!  Our mission is to provide you with the game plan to enjoy the backyard of your dreams.   We know how satisfying it is to complete a project yourself.   Nowadays, just about everyone is taking on one project or another.   Customers contact all of the time about learning how to build their own pool!  Were here to help provide a game plan that makes it possible.  You See, At PoolTru, whether you decide to let PoolTru build your project from start to Finish or we assist you in your own project, We’re On Your Side!


We’re different … We’re on your Side!  As your personal “Wedding Planner” for your backyard, you’ll feel like you have a trusted advisor in every area.

We utilize technology, information, research and innovation to make your dreams come through.  So whether you want PoolTru to Design and Build the whole project or you want to build it yourself and save lots of money, we have services that you can trust.

So Learn MoreExplore PoolTru.comSpeak with Us … You’ll be glad you did!

PoolTru Backyard Design

Our mission is to design the perfect project at the lowest possible cost and get you loving your backyard space! for a Design / Build company, that’s a pretty lofty goal.