Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference in a designer?

  • Knowledge– we are all seasoned professionals in the industry and have fun going through continuous training. Our designers average over 15 years of experience.  That means you won’t be meeting with anyone who was selling roofing last week!
  • Honest Pricing – Were strictly fee based! We’ll give you Honest Pricing right up front. Commission sales people typically make between 5-12% of the pool purchase price.  The higher your price, the more they make……….not the way we work!
  • Research – Constantly pouring over the latest in pool and outdoor design elements is a daily activity….We love it. Simple or Elaborate, we’ll work to meet your needs and desires! Were crazy about design!
  • Design Skills –You’ll experience our talent every step of the way!

How is the Experience different?

  • When generations past bought their first pool, they simply visited 3-5 pool companies in the area. They had 0 information in hand, did little or no research, received little or no advise prior to their visit.  The PoolTru way is the exact opposite, we provide you with the perfect design all of the recommendations, research, ideas, material and equipment options.  You’ll even know the exact construction costs of the project.  You’ll be in the driver’s seat!
  • We don’t have corporate policy to shackle us. This creates a better atmosphere for the perfect design!
  • We take your ideas and collaborate with everyone in the company before coming up with the perfect design. Its like working with a trusted friend.
  • Were your advocate, your agent, your partner in the pool buying experience.  Its more relaxed, less pressure and more fun!
  • Were completely objective……Because it doesn’t matter to us how little or how much you spend. We care about educating you on all of the options so you can choose what is most important to you.
  • Avoid the typical sales process! No high pressure sales tactics here! No driving up your Price…..Because we can determine the cost of the project, we’ll work around cost and retail budgets.
  • Materials, Textures, Architecture and Colors are just a few of the things you’ll need to consider! You’ll be intricately involved in the process.
  • Our plans are Artistic, Visually Appealing and Stimulating!

How much money are we really saving?

  • Tons … period.
  • You’ll know the cost of the project up front … Imagine that? Were constantly researching the highest rated pool subcontractors in your area to provide you the most accurate cost for your project.
  • Information allows you to negotiate the best deal with your local pool builder! Skip the sales process entirely, submit your packet and save all of those commissions! Our average customer is reporting additional savings between 12% and 20%.
  • Do-it-yourself and save even more!
  • Purchase your equipment through and you’ll save 30%-60% off normal pool builder pricing on products for your pool.

We both have jobs, have kids and weekend activities which doesn’t leave a lot of time. Do you work within our schedule?

  • Yes, our calendar is on-line, just schedule an appointment to a convenient opening and we’ll greet you at your home with a warm handshake.
  • The most important meeting is at your house in the backyard. We’ll spend a lot of time there walking you through the entire process.  The whole design process usually is wrapped up in 2 weeks
  • After the initial meetings, we’ll arrange periodic Go-To-Meeting ‘s on-line that will make the most of everyone’s schedule. We think you’ll enjoy the collaboration!
  • Think of all of the time you’ll save in uncomfortable meetings listening to high pressure salespeople that are aching for every ounce of your pocket book.

Were in the dreaming stage and don’t want to start our pool right away.  Does it make sense to go ahead with the planning?

  • Why not? You’ll have a detailed plan that allows you no “mis-steps” as you move forward to perfect backyard environment for your family.
  • You’ll have your own personal folder you’ll be able to access on any mobile devise so you’ll be able to review any time and any place!

Are there really a lot of differences in equipment?

  • In a word … Yes! Were constantly getting updates from manufacturers, attending industry conferences and educating ourselves in industry seminars.  Pool Equipment is constantly evolving, so we keep up with the changes that benefit you and your family.

Is there a big difference in performance?

  • How much time do you want to spend maintaining your pool? How pure do you want the water?   Do you want you want to use as little electricity as possible?  Performance = Expectation … Does the equipment you choose meet your expectations?  These are just a few of the questions to answer when choosing the right equipment for your new pool.

Are 3-Dimensional drawings really important?

  • 3-D drawing allows those that have a harder time visualizing their project a perfect avenue for seeing the real thing. It allows you to see how the pool will look at night, mid day, with different angles of the sun, in different elevations, with different materials. If you have a hard time visualizing, then a 3-D rendering is a must have!

I’m not a construction professional.  Does it make sense for me to purchase these worksheets?

  • You want to make sure there are no shortcuts in the product. Did you know a pool builder can save up to $2,000 just by changing the steel schedule?
  • Construction plans are the “instruction manuals” for each construction trade! Once they have them, they’ll know exactly what to do!
  • If you’re one of our pool building or home building partners, you are already experiencing the benefit of acquiring these plans! Thank your for your business!

Are there real differences in Outdoor pool furniture?

  • Sure there are! From materials to weather, from rugs to umbrellas, there are a myriad of selections, manufacturers and products that the average consumer know nothing about.  Feel free to contact our Concierge and allow her to guide you through the process at significant savings!

Who is a PoolTru Customer?

  • Design Process – A PoolTru customer wants to enjoy a better design experience. No high pressure sales tactics, manager interaction or closing questions, etc etc..
  • Information – Where as the average customer walks into their local pool store with little or no information, a PoolTru customer relies on having knowledge in every area to make the most informed decisions.
  • Technology Savvy – Our customers will probably call an Uber /Lyft when needing a ride. They might watch Netflix at night.  They might consider Airbnb for a place to stay while on vacation.    They’re willing to spend their money differently than past generations.  They know how to save money.
  • Savings – Yes with all of the above, comes money savings! A PoolTru customer will spend $1,000 to save $10,000 or spend $2,000 to save $20-30,000.   Many of customer never thought they could afford a pool and many others decided to build the pool of their dreams rather than settle.

PoolTru Backyard Design

Our mission is to design the perfect project at the lowest possible cost and get you loving your backyard space! for a design company, that’s a pretty lofty goal.