We design pools and backyards
that get people loving the outdoors.

Austin, San Antonio, Tucson Pool Builders

Our mission is to design the perfect project at the lowest possible cost and get you loving your backyard space! For a Design/Build company, that’s a pretty lofty goal.

As your agent, were here to design, educate and inform you of all of the options that could be important to you. It starts with listening and designing a project that you’ll love and want to spend your time enjoying.

How to build your own pool.  Backyard Pool Design Plans

Our designs
accentuate every stage of life.

Think about it.  What’s more important than creating those special memories for children, you remember?  Marco……Polo. Haven’t you experienced Cozying up next to that special somebody on relaxing spring day, cooking smores over an open fire or just lounging in the sun as cool relaxing water is just footsteps away?

As the years go by, we enjoy the time spent soothing worn out muscles with hot dancing water wrapping its way around our bodies.   We relish the sense of pride as the family gathers around the perfect outdoor dining space and the laughter, scents and emotions that gather  along with us.

As life moves along, the things we want or can do outside change, but the best things in life happen outdoors.

Design with a Purpose

At PoolTru, we’re your personal concierge!

  • We’re here to design spaces that enhance every stage of your life.
  • We’re here to create the perfect pool design that allows you to meld topography, balance, materials and your lifestyle.
  • We’re here to educate, provide information and give you our recommendations.
  • We’re here to aggressively work to save you money.
  • We’re here to guide you through the process.
back yard design

We want to make the process F-U-N!

We’ve developed our process to work on projects both simple and very complex.  This makes the most of your time as we collaborate together on the backyard of your dreams.

Function + Creativity + Beauty = Your Personal Enjoyment

By focusing on the purpose of each pool and backyard space, we carefully collaborate with our clients to design spaces that will work for their unique lives – their budgets, tastes, leisure activities, entertaining habits and maintenance preferences.

Communication and Revisions

Well informed communication is vital to collaborating on the perfect design.  During the process we will  continuously retrieve your feedback on many aspects of the design.

Ultimate in Trust

Because we can work up the “actual cost” of the project, there is a environment of trust.  If requested, we will keep you informed of the actual cost to help in the planning process.  Its also a vital tool for developing the perfect design that is focused around a specific budget.

Skilled Design Expertise

Design skills are honed down over years of learning, creating and understanding the different aspects of architectural design and their principles.   By overseeing all aspects of the design / build and its moving parts, we ensure a good process and results in a great project.