Everything Construction

Part of Loving your backyard is looking at the finished project and letting everyone know … This is Perfect!

We work to provide you all the information needed to make the process easy and simple is in our DNA. So whether you choose PoolTru to Design / Build or choose to build it yourself, we’re your resource for all of the phases of construction, we’ll give you the intelligence that makes the choices easy.

Construction Phases

Each phase of construction is one step closer to getting the backyard of your dreams.   Understanding the phases develop into a road map to review and schedule every step in the process.

Specific phase construction plans are detailed schematics that incorporate the highest level of construction techniques and advanced materials into each phase.  It’s a blue print to insure that you are getting finished product developed by your PoolTru Project Manager.  Precise pipe sizes, incorporated valves, steel schedules, detailed schematics, explicit instructions are a confidence builder throughout the process.  The highest quality and latest construction techniques equals ultimate finished product.

Build with a Reason

Let us help you make life easier!

  • Were here to help you understand each phase in the process
  • Were happy to create the most intricate construction plans.
  • We aggressively work to help you understand the costs for each phase of the project.
  • We only use the highest quality of craftsman to insure your satisfaction.

Superior experienced construction craftsman are the only kind of trades PoolTru will introduce to you’re backyard. They have been doing pool and backyard specific work for years and their competence shows.     Our team is constantly updating our trades based on ratings from our customers.   You’ll be able to rate them also based on specific criteria.

PoolTru is constantly on the look out to find the best trades in your area and compile their pricing in one easy to read budget. You’ll rest easy in your conversations with each trade knowing that these budgets are based on their price lists.   Having this knowledge allows you to understand the true cost of your project. Negotiate thousands off the price of your pool or build it yourself and save substantially more.

Nowadays, many of us are trying to squeeze value out of everything we buy.  Dealing directly with each phase allows you to save 20% to 30% of the cost of the whole project.   Never thought you could ever have the perfect dream backyard … think again!


Information and Knowledge make you Confident.

The right budget, the right plans, the right process and the right team equal a great result.

The Right Design

The right design is the best indicator to a perfect outcome. Let’s make your backyard look wonderful.

The Right Budget

Realistic costs for each phase of the project allow you to gauge you’re your financial progress along the way.

The Right Plans

Ever try to find your way through a new city your visiting?  Having a map gives you the piece of mind you’ll never get lost.

The Right Team

Having the experienced, dedicated craftsman is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle.

Knowledge + Information + Team = A Successful Project

We start every design off with a handshake.



Its not about how simple or elaborate the project.  When we come to your home for the first time, we’ll be more interested why you want a pool and how you see yourself using your backyard.

The purpose drives our design process and the recommendations we make will capture both how you want to use each space and your personal style.  Think of us as your personal “Wedding Planner” for your backyard.  The results is a plan tailor-made  for you at the lowest possible cost.

  • As your Agent, we’ll always have your best interest at heart.
  • Your wants, needs and desires are our #1 focus.
  • You’ll know the actual cost of the project before you start.

Designing and Building with a Purpose means you achieve the perfect plan.



We’re in a DIY building revolution.  More and more people are renovating homes, creating things, fixing things and working on projects themselves.

We’re saving time and money!

Most of all, we are enjoying the pride that goes along with tackling a project, enhancing our families lives and making our backyard a year round destination.

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  • Decide whether you are a PoolTru do-it-yourselfer?

If the project is complex….Trust PoolTru to Design and Build, But Did you know that the largest pool builders in Phoenix, Las Vegas and other cities are Do It Yourselfers?

Now-a-days, we all want the best quality project at the lowest price. We do lots of research on line, gather all of the available information and then purchase.

Right Plans + Right Team = Pride and Enjoyment  for Many Years to Come!

Instead of a drawn out process or being left with a hole in your pocket book, we offer you a time saving and more affordable process to achieve the pool and backyard of your dreams.

They manage a list of sub-contractors who actually build the project.  Our design, construction plans and schematics, cost information, building checklist and management tools allow you to manage your own sub-contractors.

Saving that 20% to 35% above the cost will allow you to squeeze that exotic vacation or brand new car within your budget.

poolside rock waterfalls

Construction Worksheets

Putting together that Christmas day toy seems daunting until we read the directions!  Same goes for building a pool, spa or pavilion.

We’ll give you the phase plans and team members to make sure the project is a big success.  Our construction worksheets are equivalent to an instruction manual for each contractor.

  • Master Plans
  • Layout Dimension Plans
  • Utility Plans
  • Pool / Spa Plumbing Schematics
  • Electrical Relay Schematics
  • Materials / Equipment Checklist
  • Project Specific Construction Details
  • Scheduling Template

Construction Teams

Most of the craftsman we recommend already have done work for us for years.  They are proven trades with strong backgrounds and eyes for quality and craftsmanship.

We’ve developed our process to work on projects of all sizes. By creating custom job specific plans and team members, we are able to pack lots of good information into each project

Some of the traits we look for in good team members:

  • Years of Experience in their trade
  • Ability to Perform Work On Time
  • Communication Skills
  • Quality of Construction
  • Teamwork
  • Competitive Material and Labor Price Lists

 Thinking about Hiring PoolTru to Design and Build your Perfect Backyard?

You may be juggling all kinds of things and just feel a little unsure and just lack time … contract with PoolTru to design and build the project from start to finish!


Collaborate on your design through PoolTru and develop the perfect backyard theme. Pool Sales designers typically make 5% to 10% on the purchase price.


You’ll have all of the information for the project based on the cost.  Knowledge is power and with this information, you’ll make all of the right decisions.


Feel free to you our concierge services in other areas. We guarantee we’ll steer you in the right direction.

We love our parents, but don’t necessarily want to purchase like them.  Have all of the knowledge and information in you’ll end up with the perfect project.

By providing a unique solution, leveraging information and technology, we become the “personal pool planner” for our clients.  We fashion strong partnerships with our customers by having fun, creating trust and fulfilling our customer’s vision. We also offer all of the communication you need throughout the process.  PoolTru is focused on allowing more people the opportunity to experience their perfect outdoor living environment.