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About PoolTru-

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Some of the biggest challenges facing every homeowner dreaming about owning their very own backyard pool are developing the perfect design, accumulating the most straight forward information and knowing who to trust.

Our team has got hundreds of years of experience with some of the largest pool builders across the United States.

We’re Creative, Fun, Analytical, Old, Young, Energetic … (Unless we played too hard over the weekend!)  We’re your personal “Wedding Planner” for your backyard!  We enjoy being your representative!  It’s a win-win … You get great backyard designs and save tons of money in the process!

Better Buying Experience

We are committed to help you leaf through all of the riff-raff that allows you to enjoy fun design and purchasing experience. We build things differently … we start with a handshake.

We Deliver on Design

With our Collaborative approach, you’ll get a design that is perfect for all of the enjoyment, entertaining, sun bathing and relaxing that is soon in your future.  Simple or complex … we cover all of the bases!

We Keep Our Promises

We want you excited about our process, entertained during our time together and educated with a wealth of information.

We Work Within Your Budget

Part of our Mission is to save you money! Because we identify the cost and the retail on the project, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you’ll get for your money!

We’re Not Bound by “Company Policy”

We have no-one telling us this cant be done or that cant be done.  If it can’t be built, we wont design it, but were very attentive to the cutting edge when it comes to customers dreams.

We’re Highly Professional

We require years in the pool industry, continuing education in landscape architecture, Industry education in construction techniques and Hydraulics.

our team

  • Don
    Don Irrigation Design Specialist
  • Matthew
    Matthew Information Systems / Web Development
  • Marla
    Marla Accounting Mgr.
  • Steve
    Steve Principal

    Austin, Texas

  • Dave
    Dave Project CAD Manager
  • Aaron
    Aaron Design Specialist

    Tucson, AZ

  • Lucas
    Lucas 3-Dimensional Design Speciaist

    Shertz, TX

  • Jacque
    Jacque Outdoor Furniture Design Materials Specialist

    Driftwood, TX

  • Ryan
    Ryan Construction Plans
  • John
    John Solar Pool Heating Specialist

    San Antonio, TX

  • Taylor
    Taylor PoolTru Head of Design

    Austin, TX